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August 12, 2017

Forge Prints is at it again! The Rhode Island-based model miniature company is celebrating the launch of their 6th Kickstarter, Adventurescapes, on September 6th 2017.  With Adventurescapes, Forge Prints brings us for the first time into the realm of Kelvaria, showcasing three unique encounters and all the tiles and accessories required to bring these scenes to life.  In the first three Forge Prints Adventurescapes, we find the Crown n' Laurel Tavern, which has a mimic infestation; the Ghrys boatdocks, home of smugglers and merchants alike; and an Alchemy Chamber seated in a necromancer's tower deep in the forest.


This is the largest and most ambitious offering to date for Forge Prints.  Following the success of their last campaign "Foundations 4: Rise of the Mimics", Forge Prints will be continuing their partnership with Old Rogue Studios, thereby giving backers a choice between unpainted resin or a fully hand-painted version of their order.  


Adventurescapes are here - and the world of Kelvaria is waiting...

Check out the Kickstarter!