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Forge Prints Rebranding

August 11, 2018

Meadow and I are so excited to finally unveil our new company name!  We truly appreciate all of the great submissions and feedback in our naming contest.  Changing the name of your business is a scary and insanely difficult undertaking.  I had no idea how long and how tough it was going to be.

We are still a bit nervous, because we have built a history of 7 Kickstarters and sunk so much into the brand that is going to be "reset" with this.  Kickstarter does not allow you to change your name, so we are going to have to register under the new entity and show up as a first time creator again! (gulp)  We will of course point to our heritage of Forge Prints and that will always remain,  but it still is scary to say the least!  We will also always have redirect to the new brand, but it will be with your help and word of mouth that we hopefully make this a smooth transition.

We loved quite a few of the suggestions, but it is amazing that when we started to dig into each one and look into domain names and similar competitors (even organizations not in our space), how many were already "taken" or were too similar for comfort.  I will tell you that it is due to all of the conversations and research that came from your suggestions that we finally came to the moment when a name simply clicked to BOTH of us!

Forge Prints will now be known as:

Galladoria Games Logo

 The new official URL is and we also have and all pointing to us.  Over the coming weeks we are going to slowly be switching everything over (web presence, Facebook page, Instagram feed, Twitter feed, etc, etc.)  I am sure we will miss some things and stumble from time to time, but we are excited to have a name that we feel better represents who we are and where we are going. 

We also truly appreciate the amazing support from everyone, and want to announce the 3 winners of our rebranding contest! It was a really tough decision and caused a lot of "spirited" conversations as to who we thought the winners should be :)

1. We were seriously looking into PELICAST CREATIONS from Crysta! If you can believe it there is a podcast using that name :(

2. FTT Miniatures (For the Terrain!) from Aaron Meyer. We are both huge WoW fans and thought that this was just so cool. But there was another gaming company using that acronym

3. Mead and Minis from Andy. This was just such a very cool and fun name it took 3rd place!

We want to also give an honorable mention for Revivin' Wizards from Jacque!  When you read his interview dialog about the name it just made us laugh and smile :)

We are going to be at Reaper Con from August 30th until September 2nd, and will have both brand names running at the same time. We are also going to be showing off the Adventurescapes Kickstarter environments, and a preview of our new prototype environment the Burial Chamber!  I am super excited to share this one, it takes everything we have learned about Adventurescapes and turns it up a bunch of notches both from sculpt quality to functionality. Also it is the first Adventurescape to be completely cast with our new hybrid vacuum / pressure casting system!

If you are at Reaper Con make sure your swing by our booth and say hi!

We wanted to give a prize to the contest winners that was truly something unique and special.  So we are going to be providing the 3 contest winners with Prototype Burial Chamber environments all cast from the prototype molds well before it is available for retail!  Since it will be truly prototype pieces aspects of the final Adventurescape may change, but this will hopefully become a collectible ;)  If you would like it hand airbrushed by me, or in raw unpainted resin the choice will be yours! The winners can look forward to hearing from us after Reaper Con.

We will be posting on social media and sending out update emails from Reaper Con showing off the new Adventurescape as well!

Our new Instagram feed is galladoriagames and you can find us on Twitter at @galladoriagames.

Once again thank you all for your amazing support, and we can't wait to experience this new chapter with you all!

Kevin and Meadow.