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Noble Carriage


The Noble Carriage is a multi piece resin model kit.

The Noble Carriage is covered in small details from the removable side steps with carpet runner, to the removable roof cargo, a bow quiver and map on the front drivers seat, large book on the inside plush leather seating, or hanging lanterns there is always something to discover!

If you select to have this kit expertly hand painted it will come pre-assembled in a custom foam storage box pictured below.  This is the perfect way to keep your noble carriage safe and ready for your next gaming session!

You can also get the noble carriage as a digital STL download for home 3d printing here.

Noble Carriage Digital STL

** Hand Painted orders are painted in our facility in the order they are received.  Shipping times may vary depending on volume.

Collections: Accessories, Terrain

Category: Carriage, Fantasy, Vehicle

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