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Alchemy Chamber

The Alchemy Chamber contains many secrets that the locals are unaware of!  The main shop, after you enter through that peculiar round door may appear to be a simple alchemist shop. The shop contains all the normal elements that you might expect, like a potion creation table and shipping tables crating up deliveries for the latest customer.  There is more going on here then what your can first see though, hidden behind the secret door bookcase with magnetic latch is a more sinister environment! 

The hidden chamber features two large Tank walls containing god knows what liquids inside, and when you pull one of the tank levers on the wall it appears to be turning on one of the 4 large runic spouts in the raised central pool! 

The curved walls in the back of the chamber with their mystical glowing orbs appear to have 4 small pillars each with a different primal element affixed on top! 

You shudder to think what really must happen here!

The Alchemy Chamber comes with

  • 1 Functional Round Door tile
  • 4 Floor Tiles
  • 4 Wall Tiles
  • 4 Corner Tiles
  • 1 Secret Door Bookcase tile, with a magnet embedded  in the wall to hold it closed
  • 2 Large 100mm wide Tank Walls each with 2 levers that can be recessed in the on or off position.
  • 1 Large 100mm raised pool tile
  • 2 Large 100mm Curved wall tiles each with 2 alcoves and Mystical orbs.
  • 4 floor standing candle sticks
  • 4 elemental pillars
  • 1 potion creation table
  • 1 shipping and crating table
  • All tiles come pre-magnetized for compatibility with our metal terrain trays.
  • Optional custom wooden collectors storage box with custom foam insert (additional charge for storage box simply select it from the finish drop down box along with painted or unpainted selection)

The Alchemy Chamber environment comes either unpainted or expertly hand painted simply choose your finish!  You also have the option of adding our custom wooden collectors storage box! This provides an elegant and safe way of storing and transporting your alchemy chamber.  Custom foam interior provides a spot to keep every tile and accessory safe and secure.


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