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Burial Chamber

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This highly detailed resin dungeon tile set can create our Burial Chamber for your adventurers to explore!

Each piece is cast in our highly quality semi-rigid resin for maximum detail and durability.

All Adventurescape tile pieces come pre-magnetized with large rare earth magnets. This allows the pieces to lock onto our full color UV printed metal terrain trays so you never have to worry about your game table being bumped out of alignment, and dungeon layout is a breeze.

The Burial Chamber comes with the following pieces.

  • Burial Chamber double door entrance
  • 1x large 100mm Bone Pit Floor Tile.
  • 4x 50mm Floor Tiles.
  • 4x Corner Tiles.
  • 4x Wall Tiles.
  • 6x Crypt Wall Tiles.
  • 4x Pillars
  • 2x Skull Mounds
  • 2x Burial Vases
  • 1x Lectern
  • 1x Sarcophagus

The Burial Chamber is available unpainted or expertly hand painted, simply choose your finish!

 *Hand Painted items may slightly delay fulfillment times in low stock situations.