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Crown N Laurel Tavern

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The Crown N Laurel tavern is a resin terrain kit that will make your next adventure come to life.  

All of the tiles come pre-magnetized for compatibility with our metal printed terrain trays.  This allows you to lock your tavern layout in place.  You can pre-configure your room and move it onto the table with ease when you are ready for it!  This also means no more knocking things out of place while you place your miniatures.

Everything you need to make your next tavern visit an immersive experience is included.

1 Tavern Seating set including a wooden table and 4 wooden chairs

1 fireplace tile 100mm x 50mm (pre-magnetized) with a peg hole to easily allow you to swap out between a crown n laurel emblem over the fireplace or a beast head!

1 iron cook pot on a stack of logs to go in the fireplace.

2 large ornate bar segments (1 with bottles behind the counter, and 1 with a giant two handed hammer to help control the next tavern brawl!)

1 Bar Back piece of furniture featuring multiple kegs, bottles in the lower shelf, and a rag and mugs

1 platter of ale mugs

2 small bottles

2 large bottles

2 bottle stacks 

2 wine jugs

2 empty baskets

2 fruit filled baskets

2 corn filled baskets

1 tavern door that opens and closes

4 corner tiles (pre-magnetized)

4 floor tiles (pre-magnetized)

5 wall tiles (pre-magnetized)


This set is available either unpainted or expertly hand painted simply choose your finish.

** Hand Painted orders are painted in our facility in the order they are received.  Shipping times may vary depending on volume.