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Galladoria Games

Galladoria Games Painting System

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All your miniature painting needs in one painting system.  

Developed and used exclusively by our internal painting department!

With the Galladoria Games painting system, versatility is key. With quick magnetic swappable caps for moving between multiple pieces and sub assemblies.

The painting handle has a magnetic base to quickly lock into place without tipping on your desk or mat with the included metal target marker.

The caps are magnetized with the metal receptor in the handle.  With the power of the magnets with your finger tips you can easily rotate the cap with our ergonomic cap design at multiple angles.  The magnetic caps also allow you to quickly drop the caps onto our convenient finishing trays!  You can then quickly spray sealant or primer onto large batches all at once without anything moving around or falling over! 

You also get both our large and small adhesive dots.  these incredibly powerful adhesives will keep even your heaviest pieces anchored onto your topper, and come off incredibly easily with a rolling motion when its time to replace them!

Starter Kit includes:

  • painting handle
  • magnetic topper x 3
  • painting handle target marker
  • Large adhesive dots x 56
  • Small adhesive dots x 50