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Galladoria Games

magical stealth glow ring

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This beautiful ring is sure to keep you cloaked in magical shadows.  The ring is made of black ceramic with a charcoal inlay including blue fire opals that will shimmer with a multitude of colors in the sun.  black ceramic is an incredibly strong ring material and has excellent scratch resistant qualities. When worn In the dark the ring glows a brilliant blue color.  This magic glow ring has the faintest glow color of all the rings due to the dark charcoal inlay.


The ring charges up automatically with exposure to the sun, and the glow will slowly fade over several hours depending on exposure to UV light.


To quickly super charge your ring we include a white light UV flashlight in your hand crafted ring box.  This will instantly charge up your ring to incredible levels!  The UV flashlight is USB rechargeable as well.


Every magic glow ring from Galladoria Games comes with our UV flashlight and a gorgeous hand crafted magnetic, mahogany ring box.  This is the perfect way to store your ring and UV flashlight in style with the protection of beautiful natural wood.


All rings are available in either a slender 6mm band width or larger 8mm band width.


Each ring and ring box is hand crafted and will take up to 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

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