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Galladoria Games

Portable Paint Station

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This beautiful and functional acrylic portable paint station is the perfect setup for your Galladoria Games minis!

Available in 1 solid and 3 translucent colors, all 4 colors are sure to bring some flair to your hobby corner!

Choose from Black Piano Lacquer finish, Translucent Dark Blue, Translucent Emerald Green, or Translucent Purple!

Customize your portable paint station with either Dropper Bottle, or Large Paint Pot sizes! Mix and match each layer with your choice.

The top layer holds either 8 dropper bottles or 5 paint pots along with 7 brushes and your paint water cup!

The bottom layer holds either 14 dropper bottles or 8 paint pots!

The Portable Paint Station comes flat packed and a small bit of glue will permanently assemble your Portable Paint Station.

4 Silicone feet are also included for table grip when not used on your lap.