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Galladoria Games

Epic Loot Kit

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The Epic Loot Kit is a plastic model kit.  SiOCast models do not require primer before painting, and are incredibly durable!

Your players just finished a truly awesome encounter you spent hours and hours creating.  Don't just present them with the same old plain wooden treasure chest.  Have them discover an Epic Loot Chest worthy of their heroic deeds!

This Set contains 6 unique epic loot chests!

  • Moon Chest
  • Demon Chest
  • Octopus Chest
  • Wheel Chest
  • Dwarven Hammer Chest
  • Heavy Metal Spiked Chest

These chests are available unpainted or expertly hand painted simply choose the finish drop down!

* Hand Painted Items may cause a slight delay in shipping during low stock situations.


Get the digital version for home 3D printing HERE

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