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Mimic Invasion Kit


This is the ultimate Mimic kit! All models are in unpainted resin. This kit includes the following

3 Treasure Chests
1 Mimic Treasure Chest
4 Barrels
1 Mimic Barrel
3 Books
1 Mimic Book
4 Treasure Sacks
1 Mimic Treasure Sack
1 Grave Plot
1 Mimic Grave Plot
3 Sleeping Bags
1 Mimic Sleeping Bag
1 Wizard Hat
1 Mimic Wizard Hat
1 Grandfather Clock
1 Mimic Grandfather Clock
1 Broken Mirror
1 Mimic Mirror
1 Trap Door
1 Mimic Trap Door
1 Cauldron
1 Cauldron Mimic

That's 34 Miniatures in all! These are perfect for any 28MM gaming table

*This kit is available both Hand Painted and Unpainted simply choose the finish option!

*Hand Painted items may slightly delay fulfillment times in low stock situations.

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