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Galladoria Games

Talroth Core Dungeon Kit

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The Talroth Modular Dungeon Core Kit contains everything you need to setup a small dungeon crawl for your next adventure!  The Talroth Dungeon comes either unpainted or expertly hand painted in two unique paint schemes Classic Dungeon Grey, or Desert Stone!

The Kit contains 

  • (12) 50mm x 50mm Pre-Magnetized Floor Tiles
  • (15) 50mm x 50mm Pre-Magnetized Wall Tiles
  • (8) 50mm x 50mm Pre-Magnetized Corner Tiles
  • (2) 50mm x 50mm Pre-Magnetized Door Tiles with removable Door Insert
  • (1) 50mm x 50mm Pre-Magnetized Passage  Way

*The Talroth Modular Dungeon is manufactured in the USA with our SiOCast injection molding platform.  This is an incredibly detailed and durable plastic, made with up to 30% recycled materials!  SiOCast plastic does not require the use of any primers before painting.

** Hand Painted orders are painted in our facility in the order they are received.  Shipping times may vary depending on volume.

Check out this video review of the Talroth Modular Dungeon Kit from Dan Masucci (Inkd Mage)