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Galladoria Games

Tavern accessory pack

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How many epic adventures always start in a tavern?

We have curated some of our awesome tavern accessories into a simple kit that will allow you to instantly build out the rich and full tavern your next adventure deserves!

All of our kits are also available expertly hand painted to order.


Giant wine keg x1

Bar Back x1

Bar Segments x2

Tavern food table x1

Tavern mug table x1

Tavern chairs x6

Tavern Bed x1

Tavern dresser x1

Footlocker x1

Comfy chairs x2

Tavern bottle set x1

Tavern basket set x1

Wine cellar kit (4 pieces)

Mug platter x1

Mimic mug set (3 pieces)

 * Dungeon Tiles Sold Separately